Wilson Creek

Position: Town Maintenance
Name: Lesa Nugent

      Our Water Distribution Manager 1. Lesa has been employed with our town since October 2010. Lesa has two children and nine grandchildren. She takes care of her mom and grandmother who turned 102 in 2013. Lesa is an animal lover and raises Shar-Pei's.

Position: Town Maintenance
Name: Bob Correia

Position: Clerk/Treasurer
Name: Susan James
     Susan James graduated from the University of Oregon in 1984, with a business administration degree. Accepting a management position with K-mart Corporation allowed her to live in several western states. After the local K-mart store closed in 2003, Susan became the Town Clerk/Treasurer for Wilson Creek and enjoys the luxury of working in town while her children Hunter and Jordan attend school. Her husband Bill is a wheat farmer. The family enjoys camping, fishing, hunting, and various outdoor activities.

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