Wilson Creek: History

     Indians roamed the area around Crab and Wilson Creek in search of food during the summer months. John Marlin and the Urquhart Brothers settled the area in the 1870's. Lt. Tom Symons established a military road from Ft Walla Walla to camp Chelan West of town in 1879. The railroad came in 1892. Wilson Creek became a division point with an eleven stall roundhouse. Zack Finney started the first school in 1892. Wilson Creek's school opened in 1894. The immigrant train came through in 1901. Also during that year the town was platted. Finally the town was incorporated in 1903. Crab Lake was drained in 1909.

This brief history was provided by the Grant County Historical Society. For more information please visit the museum of Wilson Creek history located in the Citizen's Bank at 254 Railroad Street. This fully restored building, built in 1906, is listed on the national historic register.


The museum is generally open in the mornings of the first ten business days of the month. Or by scheduled appointments.

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