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Summer Falls:

     Just a short 15 mile drive from Wilson Creek is a forgotten Park. It houses about 3 acres of land, most of that grass park, and a trail that actually goes up and behind the falls themselves. It is a day access park only making Wilson Creek a perfect place to stay before you visit.

Billy Clap Lake:

     Fishing, hunting, boating are all available at Billy Clap Lake. This remote and beautiful lake is just 10 miles outside of town. It is also relatively unknown so there is only light traffic on the lake. As a day access only park it is another great reason to stay at Wilson Creek

Brook Lake:

     A bird watcher's paradise. This place sees the roost of 90,000 ducks, 50,000 Canadian Geese, 2,000 Tundra Swans. Duck species include; Mallards, North Pintails, RedHead, Canvasback, Common Goldeye, and Lesser Scaup. There are also Bald Eagles, Gold Eagles, Rough Legged Hawks, Northern Harriers, Prairie Falcons, Red-tailed Hawks and Ferruginous Hawks. The Red-Winged, Yellow-headed and Tri colored black Birds also call this home. Finally in the winter there can be seen Northern Shrike and American Kestrel.

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